Family Law.

Your family lawyers in Newcastle

Relationships are hard enough as is. You do not need the added stress of worrying about what might happen to your children or finances in the event of a break-up.


This is why it is so important to ensure that you have access to adequate legal advice from lawyers that understand you, listen to you and fight for you.


At Ann Legal we understand that going through a family law matter is an emotional journey. Our family law solicitors have years of experience with family law matters ranging from more simple disputes to complex and lengthy court hearings. This is why you can trust us to fight for you.



​We can help with: 

  • Divorce

  • ​Child Custody

  • Parenting disputes

  • Domestic violence


  • Financial disputes

  • Property disputes

  • Division of Assets

  • Spousal maintenance

  • Financial Agreements

  • Consent Orders

  • Recovery Orders

  • Child Support

  • Airport Watch List

  • Relocation

  • Contravention Orders

  • Parentage Claims

  • Variation of Orders

  • Child Abduction

  • Legal Aid

  • Agency matters

Your divorce lawyers in Newcastle

From the initial advice to the time your assets are divided and your divorce is granted - we have your back.


We can negotiate on your behalf or attend mediation and dispute resolution with you. We can draft your court documents and appear in Court on your behalf. We offer peace of mind cause we will be with you every step of the way.

Your custody lawyers in Newcastle

When you separate and you share children with your former partner things can get very emotional, complex and they can rapidly escalate. 

Our lawyers understand that family law and especially custody matters are difficult for all parties involved. This is why we approach all children matters with sensitive but stern approach to protect your and the child's best interests.


We can negotiate on your behalf the time children spend with each parent or who they live with.


We can draft a Parenting Plan or Consent Orders if you and your ex agree on children's parenting arrangements. We can attend mediation and dispute resolution with you. We can start and defend court proceedings on your behalf and seek interim and final orders for you. 


We can also act for you in urgent matters like parental child abduction, recovery orders or relocation orders. 

Legal Aid Newcastle.jpg

Legal Aid Newcastle Family Lawyers

Ann Legal has lawyers appointed to the Legal Aid NSW Family Law Panel. We accept all Legal Aid matters and can even help you with your Legal Aid application. We serve Newcastle, the Hunter and the Central Coast.

If you are going through a family law problem it is important that you contact a family lawyer to know where you stand.


At Ann Legal our family lawyers appear regularly before the Federal Circuit Court in Newcastle and Family Court in Newcastle. Our initial consultations are $150 for a full hour. We also offer fixed fees at affordable rates for all stages of your matter.


If you are looking for a family lawyer in Newcastle call us today on (02) 8005 8025. 


In the meantime, why not click here to read more about why our clients from Newcastle, the Hunter and the Central Coast choose Ann Legal to be their family lawyer.